Cash Loans – to Take or not to Take?

Generally, in the life of every person comes a period in which he is forced to reach for help. After all, things do not always go our way, and the livelihood may simply be missing, or we just plan to build a house that we would not be able to afford in a normal situation.

Why is it worth to choose loans on the Internet?

Why is it worth to choose loans on the Internet?

There are several benefits:
◘ the opportunity to apply for an on-line loan allows you to compare the best offers at the same time without having to visit outlets.
◘ Many of them offer an immediate decision, online loans, which means that you will not have to wait a few days to confirm the application and acceptance,
◘ a loan can be managed by an account which is much more convenient.
◘ Some online products may be cheaper than their counterparts on local listings due to lower operating costs.

There are many companies offering Online loans such as Hypocredit and Zamba. They compete with online advisors and banks, thanks to which we have a large selection.

As long as you can use your computer, you will be able to manage your online loans directly. Searching the internet may be the best way to find the loan you need.

Usually in such a situation people take cash loans. They agree with the bank the conditions on which they will receive a certain amount of money, and then pay them back for the time specified in the contract. Unfortunately, very rigid rules apply to this type of offer. The person who wants to receive a loan must be solvent, have some income, and his name may not appear in the BIK register (debtors). If we do not meet these conditions, unfortunately we will not get a loan.

In such cases, people often decide to take a loan. This term can be understood as… an operation that involves giving someone cash for a given time. Usually, the loan is granted by a natural person. It can also be provided by institutions. A specified amount of cash is borrowed. But the loan may also apply to specific items that are put at the disposal of the borrower.

Loans are granted for a fixed or unlimited period of time. It differs from the loan by the fact that in the case of a loan there are no rules related to the BIK register or customer solvency. In other words, whether or not a given person receives this type of payment is really only the will of the person who provides such assistance. In addition, in contrast to a loan in the case of a loan, the client does not have to explain what the money will be spent on. In addition, the person providing the loan does not have to collect interest from people he or she gives help, which is typical when interested parties are close to each other. Reading this brief description, one can come to the conclusion that loans granted by banks are worse and it is easier to simply borrow money from someone without dealing with BIK and translate what we plan to spend money on. Unfortunately, this observation is not true.

It should be remembered that such interests are a breeding ground for companies that prey on the fact that their clients are often against the wall and offer them money, often with an absurdly high percentage. Rarely do financial institutions have more attractive offers than banks that provide loans. Despite this, they do not complain about the lack of customers, not infrequently pushed into their “arms” for lack of other alternative. So, is every loan bad? No. Well, there are some companies whose loan offers can be attractive and worth considering. Before choosing an institution, it is worth checking its “attractiveness” by means of various types of comparators, such as, for example,, which are an ideal source of information about financial institutions that are lending.

Should we, therefore, take cash loans? In my opinion, yes, but only if we are sure that they are absolutely necessary to us. Otherwise, it’s better not to bother about it. In the end, this is not the best deal, when we have to pay 1500 zlotys for every PLN 1000 borrowed.

Will We Get a Loan Online in 15 Minutes?

Customers of loan companies want quick access to money.” Loan in 15 minutes “,” Quick loan “is still often searched for, so the question arises – is it possible to get money without prolonged waiting? Customers applying for an installment loan have their own requirements. It is not only about the amounts available and the convenient repayment period. An important factor is also the speed of transferring money. Limited formalities should encourage this, but sometimes we are forced to wait.

Borrowers want express loans

Borrowers want express loans

When we think about taking an online loan, the factor of waiting time plays a very important role. Of course, the amount and the repayment period are important, but we often take a break or a larger commitment when the deadlines are urgent. As potential clients of non-banking institutions, we intuitively seek a service provider that will allow us to quickly obtain the necessary funds. Many people are tempted to express money, which is why this option is often suggested by loan companies. No wonder we are wondering how quickly it is likely to obtain funds.

Examination of the loan application in 15 minutes

Examination of the loan application in 15 minutes

No one can guarantee that the funds for which we have applied will appear instantly on our account. Nobody will give us cash in a quarter of an hour. The slogan “Loan in 15 minutes” usually refers to the time the application is processed. It is very likely that this is enough for a company to analyze our credit history and evaluate if we can make a loan repayment. Each non-bank institution sets certain conditions for clients that we must meet to obtain a loan. In the era of modern technologies, such analysis can be done very quickly. However, the real waiting time for receiving money depends on other factors. These include data migration in banking systems.

Choosing a non-bank loan – the most important rules

Choosing a non-bank loan - the most important rules

It is very important to read the offers of loan companies carefully. If we analyze the content, there will be no unpleasant surprises. We will not be surprised that despite the acceptance of the application, the money did not enter our account after a quarter of an hour. Knowing all the conditions well, we will make the best decision for us. We will be able to avoid the consequences of unpaid obligations and maintain a positive status in Retrodatabase. This is very important for every customer who uses such services.

Even if we need more than the contractual 15 minutes for the money we need, it is worth using this option. They take a loan in a loan. We can get a loan decision even in a few minutes, and then signing a contract and transferring money will be just a formality. At the time when the bank does not want to grant us a loan, or requires us to wait longer for further steps, it is better to think about the installment loan.

Online Credit with Instant Decision – Checked in Real Time



An immediate credit online loan should be in the interest of many consumers. And for a variety of reasons.

On the one hand, the loan can be taken in from the comfort of your own home. On the other hand one learns as a prospective loaner relatively fast, whether the planned project with the help of a credit can be put into action.

What is an instant decision?

What is an instant decision?


Many consumers confuse the instant decision with a loan commitment. Therefore, we want to show the difference between the two aspects again.

Online credit with instant decision – planning security through instant check

A direct credit online loan is a loan in which, after an initial credit application check, the bank tells the borrower whether or not the loan is possible under the aforementioned conditions.

But this is not a firm commitment. This will only be issued once all documents have been checked and the loan agreement has been signed.

The immediate decision is therefore only a preliminary decision, which is generally confirmed by a truthful completion of the loan application. Anyone who has a good credit rating can therefore also assume that the online loan with immediate decision will end up with the credit that was desired.

Does an instant decision really work online?

Does an instant decision really work online?


Online credit is becoming increasingly important. Consumers are pleased with the ease of borrowing and the amenities that come with it.

Because where can so extensive credit offers be compared with each other as on the Internet? Where is there such a big offer as on the internet?

And where can you find out so much in advance about the various loan offers as on the Internet? There is no other place where the offer and service are as good as the internet.

No wonder that even loans should be taken with an instant decision on the Internet. That this goes well, shows the experience that could already be made with such loan offers.

As a rule, banks are able to make a preliminary decision within a few minutes. For this, the details in the loan application are always evaluated first.

If these show a good credit rating, the creditworthiness only needs to be confirmed with the enclosed documents and the inquiry of Private credit. If so, the immediate decision becomes a firm commitment, which then ends in the loan agreement.

As a potential borrower you should therefore always be interested in having the best possible credit rating for borrowing. Because then the online loan with immediate decision within a few hours or days are available.

Online loan with instant decision – specifics

Online loan with instant decision - specifics


An instant instant online loan is a special loan offer. It is therefore important to ensure that the selection of the appropriate loan offer is appropriately marked as an instant instant online loan.

Otherwise, it can happen that the loan application is not processed immediately and the instant confirmation is a bit in the future. With the help of a comparison, however, it is possible to circumvent this hurdle and to search specifically for offers that involve an immediate decision.

The corresponding information can be found in the loan calculator under the menu item “Product details”. There, all the important information about the loan offer are stored, so that a simple comparison is possible within a few minutes.

Our tip: An online loan with immediate decision lives from the honesty of the applicants. Anyone who completes the loan application in full and truthfully need not have any concerns that the immediate decision will change in the course of loan processing.

Are There Real 0% Installments?

Often, we can meet with shops ads tempting 0% installments, at no additional cost. But will not we actually have to pay anything over the purchase price?

Most often loans and credits are associated with expenses – the need to pay commissions and interest. Therefore, when we meet with 0% installments, they immediately arouse suspicion. So let’s look at such offers closer.

Installments 0% do exist, however, not every offer is really 0% installments. There may be additional costs or conditions that we will have to meet to take advantage of such an offer.

What are the real 0% installments?

What are the real 0% installments?

Real 0% installments are those in which we repay in installments exactly the same amount we borrowed. For example, we buy a laptop for PLN 2,000 and give it in installments of 10 x PLN 200, at no additional cost.

Such installments are most often offered in the system of 10 x or 20 x, i.e. the purchase amount is divided into 10 or 20 equal installments. However, we must remember that we need the right creditworthiness to take such an installment loan.

When a small amount, then our ability to not have to be big – 2 for 000 gold given this installment of 200 zlotys. The matter is complicated, however, if we want to buy 0% in installments with an exemplary value of PLN 10,000. Then, in the 10 x system, up to 1,000 PLN installments per month. When we do not have sufficient creditworthiness, the bank will refuse us a loan and propose a loan that is spread over the lower installments, but not at 0%, but with an interest rate.

Attention to additional costs!

Attention to additional costs!

It may, however, happen that, under the term of 0% installments, we will in fact find a product that will cost us as much as an ordinary cash loan and will even be even more expensive.

Please note that the bank charges a commission from the loan – in real installments 0% it is not charged. Also the additional cost may be compulsory insurance, without which the bank will not want to give us an installment loan. This is an additional cost, that’s why the loan will not be free.

We must therefore read the terms of the contract carefully, because in fact tempting 0% installments can be quite expensive.

Where can I find real 0% installments?

Where can I find real 0% installments?

When we want to decide to buy in installments of 0%, we will not find them everywhere. We can find them both in stationary stores as well as in online stores. We can purchase various types of items, including household appliances, electronics, computers, but also clothes, furniture, construction and finishing materials, to mention only a few proposals.

Most often these types of installments are offered as a promotion, which is why they are usually not available non-stop. Therefore, it is worth following the news when we want to buy something in such installments.

To sum up, shopping in real 0% installments really does exist, but we must remember to read the details of the offer, so that our installments of 0% will not actually cost us much more.

Mortgage Annuity Loan, the New Rules

The mortgage loan is a form of financing born in Great Britain and spread mainly in the Anglo-Saxon world, but it is spreading also in Italy, where recently a new regulation has been issued that regulates it.

This form of financing has as main characteristics those to be aimed at people over 60 years of age and owners of a residential property and not to provide for the reimbursement of the amount granted through the classic installments. In practice it is an alternative to bare ownership: the owner of a property that needs to request a loan monetizes the value of their home, collects money immediately and in return leaves to his heirs the choice to redeem the property in question or to sell it in order to pay off the loan. Obviously there is also the possibility that the owner will repay the loan at any time, then paying interest in installments. In short, therefore, the loan applicant’s building serves as a guarantee for the loan itself, which is paid out without any repayment for the life of the debtor.

Mortgage annuity loan, the legislation

Mortgage annuity loan, the legislation

This type of financing was launched in the UK in 1999, while in Italy it was introduced in 2005, regulated by art. 11 quaterdecies of the decree-law n. 203/2005; subsequently, in May 2015, the law 44 of 2 April 2015 came into force, supplemented by the Implementing Decree No. 226 of 22 December 2015: on this occasion the minimum age of the applicant from 65 to 60 was lowered. Finally, on 16 February 2016, the Court of Auditors registered the regulation in the Official Journal and the provision entered into force on 2 March 2016.

Mortgage annuity loan: how it works and what changes

Mortgage annuity loan: how it works and what changes

According to the current law, both the banks and the financial institutions regularly registered in the appropriate public registers can provide a mortgage loan.
The amount of the amount that is paid depends on the age of the borrower and the value of the property given as collateral and is generally between 15 and 50 percent of the value of the property.

If the borrower has no heirs, or if they do not want to redeem the house, this will be sold to repay the loan; otherwise the heirs may repay the loan in a single payment within 12 months following the disappearance of the longest-lived loan contractors of the life annuity loan.

The new legislation introduces more protections for borrowers: if the applicants, in fact, are spouses or even cohabitants, they can both be borrowers and therefore have the opportunity to take advantage of the property as the loan will be linked to the life of both.

In addition, the banks or financial institutions that provide this type of financing will have to guarantee maximum transparency and clearly indicate all the costs borne by the borrower, as well as the interest accrued.

What are the risks of the mortgage life loan

What are the risks of the mortgage life loan

The mortgage loan is not exempt from certain risks, the first of which is the exponential growth of interest from year to year, which sometimes comes to exceed the entire value of the property offered as collateral.

Furthermore, the house given as a guarantee can not be further mortgaged, sold or rented, otherwise the bank may consider the contract terminated by law and then request the repayment of the loan and the related interest.

Finally, the last risk of mortgage life annuity concerns the heirs: if after the death of the borrower the bank sells the house, in fact, we must take into account that in case of lack of buyers the price is reduced by 15% each year, always making less any part due to the heirs. If the proceeds from the sale are not sufficient to cover the debt, in any case, the bank can not call to respond to the heirs.

Loan for Electricity – Applied for Paperless – Paid Out in a Hurry

With a loan for electricity, a power cut can be prevented. For many customers, the electricity bill can become a monthly burden.

It is often the customers who do not have much income who come with a utility bill in the lousy. Electricity costs fall pro rata under the Reformz rate, but sometimes a loan for electricity must be sought.

Loan for electricity – the power lock

Loan for electricity - the power lock

Loans for electricity – best done right away

Those who receive Reformz or recipients of social benefits or basic security can obtain a loan for the settlement of the electricity bill from the responsible job center, subject to certain conditions. For this to succeed, sufferers must already have a significant backlog of the electricity bill, with the blocking of electricity threatened by the energy supplier.

In general, the standard rate Reformz also includes benefits (at least proportionately) for the electricity bill. But it can happen again and again that the bill is not paid on time.

If the financial shortage is only temporary, the conversation with the energy provider should be sought directly. A dangerous situation arises when several months have accumulated electricity debts.

Thus, a power outage follow, which then makes the use of an apartment no longer possible. So that there are no serious effects on personal existence, Reformz recipients should then not shy away from going to the Arge and act immediately by applying for a loan for electricity.

This is exactly how a current block can be averted.

Loan for electricity – the grant and the disbursement

Loan for electricity - the grant and the disbursement

If the person concerned meets all the conditions, the loan for electricity will be approved immediately. However, the loan amount is not paid out to the person concerned, but is transferred directly to the energy supply company.

This is to avoid that the money is used for other things. In addition, the agreement will inform the customer that in future it will pay the electricity bill to the company and no longer transfer it to the account of the Reformz recipient.

This should prevent new electricity debts. The loan that the agreement provides is generally interest-free.

As with any other loan, the loan is repaid in installments. The amount of the installment is agreed between the Arge and the Reformz recipient.

They are deducted from the balancing power, so at least the settlement of electricity costs is ensured.

Loan for electricity – borrowing

Loan for electricity - borrowing

Of course, not all customers who have an open energy bill Reformz. Even people whose income is not necessarily high, come in such a situation.

Before a loan application is made, it should first be determined how high the loan rate may be, so that it can be paid. It is best to determine this with a so-called revenue / expenditure plan.

It should be the surplus of remaining, only 50% used for a loan installment. So a small financial buffer could be saved.

Since it is often only a matter of small sums, a correspondingly short duration should also be chosen. The loan for electricity is more likely to be a small loan, often without special repayments.

Nevertheless, it should be searched for a cheap provider before borrowing with a credit comparison.

Loans for electricity – the credit comparison

Loans for electricity - the credit comparison

Even if it is a smaller loan amount, a credit comparison helps to save additional money. In the comparison simply the desired loan amount and the term is entered.

With one click a list becomes visible, whereby the best offerers lead the list. Then you can look at the interest rate and terms that the lender would like to have met.

For example, there must be a certain income.

Loans for electricity – the creditworthiness

Loans for electricity - the creditworthiness

Even if it should be a small loan, the borrower must have a sufficient credit rating. Thus, a sufficient income above the attachment exemption limit is required.

A secure and permanent job favors the loan. Also important is the clean Private credit. Showing these negative entries, a loan can be declined.

As a proof of credit, the customer must submit salary slips of the last three months. Likewise, bank statements from the same period.

Loan seekers should know that an overdrawn current account can also entail a loan. Therefore, loan seekers should make sure that the overdraft is three months ago, so that the account back to green.

Loans for electricity – the fast loan

Loans for electricity - the fast loan

Often, a threat of electricity bill must be taken care of quickly for credit needs. If the customer has not spoken in time with a utility company and has agreed on any installment payment, the only option left is a loan.

But a loan needs a longer approval period. If the electricity bill is not more than 600 euros, Neofunding or Cashsher could be the solution with a mini loan of up to 600 euros.

However, the credit must be redeemed at the first customer within 30 days. With Neofunding a loan with bad Private credit is also possible. As far as known Neofunding also offers the video ident, so that the way to the post office to the necessary postident procedure (identity control) can be bypassed.

If everything is right, the money can be on the account the next but at most after two days.

Loan for electricity with bad Private credit

Loan for electricity with bad Private credit

With a negatively charged Private credit there will be no credit from a German bank. Customers could then resort to Private credit-free loans, but they place high demands on the customer. This is an income above the attachment exemption limit.

For a single person net 1150 Euro are required. This is a loan amount over 3500 euros to obtain.

The customer has to prove his employment for one year. If the income comes from a Reformz reference no application must be made.

These people will not receive a Private credit-free loan. One of the reasons for the refusal is that social benefits can not be seized.

But since the credit is secured by income, it must come from a labor income.